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5 Clear Signs Your Air Conditioning System is Failing

26 November 2020

Air conditioning systems have been significant to a lot of property owners since they help remove heat from properties. These systems also provide them cool temperatures that can make people feel more relaxed and comfortable. And so, if ever there are some problems or issues with your air conditioning system, then you must address and solve them right away.

But before calling for professionals for help, you must know first if there is certainly a problem with your system. If you are not sure whether your air conditioning system is failing or not, then here are 5 clear signs that confirm the presence of serious system problems or issues.

Weak or Low Airflow

Your air conditioning system is now failing if the airflow from its vents has become weak. One primary reason behind weak or low airflow is that your system’s compressor has already failed, which is a component that is responsible for the movement of air inside the system. Other reasons behind weak or low airflow include the presence of clogged air filter, blocked vents, and leaking air duct.

Temperature Problems

The air conditioning system must supply the needed air temperature. If it does not meet your desired temperatures, then its thermostat may have some critical issues. A thermostat must read correctly the needed air temperature. If it is installed on a wall that receives direct sunlight, then it might read a higher temperature. Temperature problems may also be caused by low refrigerant levels.

Defective Condenser

The condenser is vital to the functions of air conditioning systems as it transfers heat from the refrigerant to air or water. If it is not working, then the whole process of air cooling may be jeopardised. One reason behind the defective condenser might be the absence of power. A defective condenser may also be caused by a faulty motor, bad compressor, or wrong system temperatures.

Strange Noise or Smell

Another sign of a failing air conditioning system is if emits strange noise or smell. Your air conditioning system will truly produce some noise, but if the noise becomes too loud, then there is something wrong. Loud banging, grinding, or squealing noises are not only distracting, but they can also be worrisome as there might be some components that are grinding against others. Foul odours are also not a good sign for your air conditioning system since they might signify faulty internal components.

Rising Energy Bills

One sign that can help you confirm the presence of a failing air conditioning system is when your energy bills have increased significantly over the last few months. With regular use of your air conditioning system, your energy consumption must stay within a specific range. If the increase of energy costs continues, then you may want to check your insulation, leaks, ductwork issues, and many more.

Obtaining these 5 clear signs means that your air conditioning system is indeed failing. If you want help in solving possible system problems, then feel free to contact us at Jamair Mechanical Services.


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