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Common Risks of DIY Air Conditioning System Installation

13 January 2021

Air conditioning systems are essential to properties since they can provide the needed cooling of a specific place or area. And while some types of these systems can be installed easily, others might require some professional help just to make their installation right.

If you have enough experience with air conditioning system installation, then you may opt to install this system by yourself. However, if you will be installing this system without any prior experience, then you may want to stop with your plans and ask for professional help. After all, DIY air conditioning system installation has associated risks that are deemed to be harmful and dangerous for you and your property.

Some of the common risks of DIY air conditioning system installation are the following.

Injuries and Accidents

A lot of air conditioning systems must be installed in high areas so they can easily cover a specific room. Professionals can easily install them in high areas as they already have enough experience and required skills. Others, however, might just fall from the ladder and ultimately suffer from fall-related injuries. Poor handling of the system may likewise result in huge cuts and wounds as some metal parts of air conditioning systems are sharp and pointy. DIY air conditioning system installation can also cause electrocution if ever the electrical wiring is altered or is connected to the wrong slot.

Inferior Performance

While not all DIY air conditioning system installation can affect the performance of the system, some of them can truly result in a significant decline in its performance. Air conditioning systems must be installed optimally so their parts and components can all run effectively. A system that is located in an incompatible area might lose its ability to cool air or release elements that would make it efficient. Additionally, a system that is poorly installed might use more energy than you have anticipated, leaving you surprised and shocked by how high your utility bill would be.

Decreased Service Life

Air conditioning systems are expected to last for a long time, especially if they are installed and maintained correctly. Alternatively, a DIY air conditioning system installation might risk cutting the service life of the system by a couple of years, which is not truly cost-efficient in the long run. And even if you have managed to install the system correctly, purchasing one that cannot truly cool your area effectively would still cut its longevity significantly. Additionally, an incompatible air conditioning system might force you to invest in regular repairs and property renovations that are just costly and time-consuming.

DIY air conditioning system installation is not bad. However, it is still recommended to work with professionals so they can conduct installation services and give suggestions about your air conditioning system. If you want to have your system installed by professionals, just give us a call at Jamair Mechanical Services. We are a family run business specialising in mechanical design, installations, and service of all leading brands of air conditioners.


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